Turf Management

In recreational (turf grass) and athletic field management, clinoptilolite has proven to be very beneficial. Zeolite Premier Turf acts as a sponge reservoir for nitrate, phosphate, and potassium nutrients – the most important elements for plant health and growth.

Zeolite Premier Turf holds these elements in the fertilizer in its crystalline structure until the roots seek them. When plant root action, or water leaching, depletes soil nutrient levels, the zeolite reservoir then releases sufficient nutrients to satisfy the plant roots demands. Unlike so-called “water resistant” fertilizer treatments, the zeolite-held fertilizer is NOT affected by rain, even over long time periods. Then, much LESS fertilizer is used as compared to application without zeolite. Excess fertilizer components, particularly nitrates and phosphates, do not enter the local aquifer during runoff.

Zeolite Premier Turf improves plant growth and significantly lowers the cost of acreage management while being environmentally friendly. It is especially beneficial in sandy soils.


  • Increased water retention (less irrigation)
  • Improves drainage
  • Improves traffic tolerance
  • Speeds up turf and grass establishment
  • Improves aeration
  • Captures and regulates nutrient release
  • Increases phosphorous utilization
  • Decreases NH4+ and N leaching
  • Reduces fertilizer usage
  • Balances soil pH
  • Breaks down clay lumping


We supply Zeolite Premier Turf in accordance with USGA (United States Golf Association) specifications for root zone building.

Representative Usages

  • TOP DRESSING: 30-75Ibs/1000sq. feet
  • AERIFIATION: 60-200lbs/1000sq. feet
  • ROOT ZONE CONSTRUCTION: 10-20%by volume of sand strata. For the first year, usage should be at the high end of range. Specific quantities at a given site will depend on soil properties, such as CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity.)* To avoid dehydration, thorough irrigation must follow the simultaneous application of the zeolite and fertilizer.

Zeolite application has been shown to increase root zone CEC. Zeolite Premier Turf Application rate recommended will provide a CEC increase of approximately .15 meq per application. The average green area is approximately 5400 sq feet.

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Zeolite Premier is available in granular 25-pound bags or bulk, one-ton super sacks. Custom sizing is also available for retailers.

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