Poultry Bedding and Feed

• Zeolite Premier is considered 100% safe and non-toxic by the FDA.• Reduces ammonia gas from confined space.• Eliminates urine generated odors in hen/poultry bedding.

• Controls moisture content, reduces fly infestation.

• Dry bedding assists in new borne and confined poultry health.

• Increases eggshell thickness.

• Reduced ammonia levels increase gradable egg production, reduces foot pad burns.

• Reduced ammonia levels in hen houses aids in reducing respiratory illnesses.

• Reduces mortality rates in chicks.

• As a feed:

      A. Increases total weight of broilers

      B. Increases number of delivered eggs

• Captures Nitrogen from ammonia to assist in odor reduction when bedding is used as compost.

• When mixed with manure reduces odor, fly infestation, and provides a slow nitrogen release fertilizer.

Cost Savings per 100 chickens


  • Chick mortality rate 5%
  • Cracked egg shell rate 3-4%
  • Cleaning coop daily cost
  • Deep cleaning twice per year
  • Labor /hour/ day
  • Change bedding daily
  • Reduced electricity usage for running fans to remove odor, as Zeolite Premier breaks down odor.

With Zeolite Premier

  • Reduced Dramatically
  • Reduced due to thicker shells
  • Once per year
  • Once a year
  • Once every six (6) months
  • Change once a year

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Suggested Applications for Feed

Broilers – 30 kg per ton
Layers – 20 kg per ton
Do not exceed 2% of daily feed ration

Suggested Applications for Bedding, Compost and Manure Piles

Cover hen house floor with ½ inch Zeolite Premier.
Mix a layer of Zeolite Premier to manure/compost pile prior to turning.

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Zeolite Premier is available in granular 25-pound bags or bulk, one-ton super sacks. Custom sizing is also available for retailers.

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