Livestock Bedding and Feed

  • Natural Zeolite is classified as “GRAS” (Generally regarded as safe) under 21 CFR Part 182.7279 FDA and 40 CFR Part 180.1001.
  • Eliminates urine generated odors in bedding, pens, stables, feedlots.
  • Enhances Respiratory health by elimination of unhealthy odors
  • Controls moisture content, reduces fly infestation, and is safe for hooves.
  • Dry bedding assists in newborn and confined livestock health.
  • Provides a non-slip surface for livestock and personnel even when wet.
  • Reduces ammonia from confined spaces (barns, pens, etc.
  • Captures Nitrogen from ammonia to assist in odor reduction when bedding is used as compost

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Zeolite Premier As Feed

Feeding Zeolite Premier is one of the least expensive and most effective way to reduce manure odors (reduces nitrogen loss)

Based upon the animal weight, 1/2 to 2% of Zeolite Premier should be added to the total feed. Reduces the moisture content of the manure.

Zeolite Premier As a Bedding Enhancement

Zeolite Premier is used as a top dress layered to reduce the generation of odor. Once stall or bedding is cleaned out, a layer of Zeolite Premier should be applied. Multiple layers of Absorb-can be top dressed on the manure pile.

Suggested applications: For 12′ x 12′ stall, cover floor with 1/2″ of Zeolite Premier after cleaning, reapply bedding spread 2-4 cups of Zeolite Premier. Reapply each time stall is cleaned.

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Zeolite Premier is available in granular 25-pound bags or bulk, one-ton super sacks. Custom sizing is also available for retailers.

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