Zeolite Premier for Horses

Zeolite Premier Promotes Detoxification

Horses, by nature, are nomadic prey animals. Humans expect horses to adapt to our schedules for eating, sleeping, and exercising. For the most part, horses can do this because they are highly adaptive. However, the stress induced by the unnatural conditions creates and exacerbates chronic conditions and a weakening of the immune system. The American Farrier’s Journal estimates that some 90% of domestic horses would fail soundness evaluation.

Most health professionals agree that up to 95% of all diseases are due to toxins in the body. Our animals absorb a variety of substances through the food they eat, the water they drink and the air they breathe, as well as the chemicals, medications, and supplements that we use on them and expose them to daily. They are unable to keep up with this pace.

Zeolite Premier, used as a feed additive, attracts Mercury, Benzene, Arsenic and all heavy metals, pesticides and eventually viruses. It traps and eliminates them via the urinary system. It is odorless, tasteless and 100% natural.

Application and Benefits

Stall Refresher

Zeolite Premier for Horses should be added to the base of the pen and reapplied each time the stall is cleaned or at regular intervals on top of the manure. In a 12ꞌx12ꞌ stall, distribute 4-5 cups on the area, using more in moisture condensed areas. Cover with clean, dry bedding. In a daily stall maintenance program, remove bedding material from the wet area, reapply and cover with dry bedding material.


  • All natural, non-hazardous, and non-toxic
  • Reduces Heaves, COPD (RAQ) and IAD
  • Completely compatible with existing bedding materials
  • Proven to extend bedding life
  • Absorbs up to 60% of its weight in moisture, decreasing hoof problems and horse flies
  • Excellent traction aid
  • The disposal of the by-product provides an excellent compost and soil amendment

Dust Control

Zeolite Premier for Horses should be used in riding arenas, especially indoor arenas, where there are always dust problems. (Most use sand, stone dust, wood products or rubber.) Eventually they all break down, resulting in an unhealthy riding environment. Horses can breathe up to seventy-five the amount of air that we do – which can lead to a myriad of respiratory problems – for BOTH of us. Many previous solutions have never been satisfactory. Oil, water, used bedding, salt, polymers etc. have been used, MOST have side effects.

Zeolite Premier for Horses is a safe and highly effective dust control product. The zeolite attracts the moisture from the arenas air and acts as an automatic humidistat, to store or release the moisture to the footing as required. It requires minimal effort to apply; just spread with a standard spreader and allow the horses to work in it.


  • All natural, non-hazardous, and non-toxic 
  • Captures and eliminates ammonia and odors 
  • Improves footing 
  • Reduces Clumping 
  • Excellent traction aid to minimize slipping 
  • Improves aeration 
  • Maintains pH balance

Horse Feed

Zeolite Premier for Horses is added to mash feeds 30 mesh in a 1/2 % to 2% ratio.


  • Increased rate of gain 
  • Lowers conversion ratio (less/pd of gain) 
  • Improved nutrient digestion 
  • Reduced scours 
  • Reduced cribbing (chewing on   wood) 
  • Improves bone growth 
  • Improves color of coat and skin

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