Synthetic Turf Infill

Zeolite is a premium infill material that can be used on artificial grass, synthetic turf, or in pet kennels. For infill, zeolite is an excellent option for use with crumb rubber.

The zeolite filler possesses an internal honeycomb structure that eliminates odors and stabilizes the structure from the inside. Using its sponge/magnet characteristics, zeolite eliminates turf odors by attracting and attracting them. Zeolite retains the characteristics of any good artificial grass infill, plus it has the added benefit of reducing surface temperatures through slow water evaporation.

Zeolite Artificial Grass Infill Highlights

Turf Benefits

  • Slow evaporation of water cools turf fibers
  • Removes odors from turf naturally.
  • Combined sponge/magnet neutralizer that captures and eliminates common odors associated with artificial turf.
  • Even after Zeolite settles in, rainwater continues to flow through drainage holes.
  • Beneficial to the environment
  • Kid-safe, pet-safe, and environmentally friendly.

Helping You

  • To produce the cleanest and most consistent Zeolite infill available, Ida-Ore uses the best high-frequency screening device
  • Each size is suited to a specific type of turf
  • American-made and produced