Soil Amendment and Compost

The application of Zeolite Premier significantly improves soil fertility, physical and chemical properties, and is very useful in drought conditions. It absorbs 60% of its weight in water, holds nutrients in its pores, and retains them in the root zone to be used by plants when required.

Watering crops with a water supply knowingly or unknowingly contaminated with Arsenic and other heavy metals can cause the crops to uptake these metals into the plant. Zeolite Premier’s affinity to Arsenic and heavy metals will capture and hold these toxins, preventing the plant from absorbing them.

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Soil Amendment Application Rates


Sands                                               Two (2) tons per acre

Sandy Loam                                     One (1) – two (2) tons per acre

Poor Clays                                        One (1) ton per acre

Top Dressing                                    One (1) ton per acre

Top Dressing (after aeration)          One (1) – 1,000 – 3,200 lbs. per acre

Zeolite Premier should be placed 1- 3 inches from the surface, just in the root zone. Plow the soil, along with the Zeolite Premier with either scarifiers, rotary ploughs, disc ploughs, or chisel plows, attempting to not plow the Zeolite Premier too deep.

Right after application of the Zeolite Premier, the area must be fertilized as usual and heavily watered so the Zeolite Premier can absorb nutrients and water.

It Is suggested to preblend the Zeolite Premier with fertilizer when applying.

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Zeolite Premier is available in granular 25-pound bags or bulk, one-ton super sacks. Custom sizing is also available for retailers.

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